Hiram Township

Road Department

Tom Matota - Road Supervisor P: 330-977-4040

Before beginning projects that will affect any road, please contact Tom Matota at 330-977-4040.

The Township provides Road Services to Township residents that live on All Township Roads - These are:
Ryder - From 1/4 Mile South of Rt. 82 to Pioneer Trail Cadek - Off of Abbott
Asbury - Pionteer Trail to HankeeAlpha - From Abbott to Rt. 82
Hankee - From Rt. 700 to StammWinchell - From Allyn to Rt. 700
Schustrich - From Asbury to VaughnNorton - From Rt. 700 to Nelson Line
Vaughn - From Mantua Line to Rt. 82Udall - From Troy Line to Rt. 305
Allyn - From Mantua Line to Winchell Wheeler - From Rt. 305 to Garrettsville Line
Hidden Hills - Off of AllynWrenwood - Off of Wheeler
Ober Lane - Off of Hidden HillsRolling Meadows - Off of Rt. 82
Washburn - From Allyn to Winchell Gateway Drive - Off of Rt. 82
Rapids-Thrasher - Off of Winchell Village Way Drive - Off of Rt. 82
Road Services are defined as:
  • Snow Plowing
  • Asphalt Patching
  • Chip & Seal of Asphalt Roadway
  • Management of Drains in the Right of Way

2019 Chip & Seal Schedule


NOTICE to all Home Builders & Property Owners of these regulations is Henceforth given.

  • O.U.P.S. (Ohio Utilities Protection Services) must be contacted at 1-800-362-2764 prior to any excavation in the township right of way. This is Ohio Law.
    • Hiram Township Road Department determines and regulates length and diameter of any proposed drainage facility within the township road right of way and will provide design criteria for its proper installation.
    • Section 5543.16 of the Ohio revised code provides "The owners of land shall construct and keep in repair all approaches or driveways from a public road."
  • DO NOT allow storm water drainage to drain from driveways onto Township Highways.
    • Property Owners must not allow or push snow across or defrost snow on Township Highways.
    • Hiram Township does not permit any signs or obstructions to be placed in the Township's road right of way. Such as but not limited to: fences, railroad ties, boulders, etc. Most of Hiram Township's road rights of way are 60 (sixty) feet.
    • All mailbox posts must be either 4x4 wood breakaway type or 2-1/2"" diameter metal breakaway type.NO Fortified mailbox enclosures are permitted
Be sure to contact Tom Matota with any questions you may have.