Hiram Township


  Hiram Township was established in 1817 in the Northwest corner of Portage County, Ohio as a 25 square mile tract of land. It is bordered by the townships of Troy, Nelson, Mantua, Freedom and the village of Garrettsville. Over the years some of the original 25 square miles was used for the establishment of Garrettsville Village and 1 square mile for Hiram Village which sits directly in the middle of the township. Hiram Township is served by the Crestwood and Garfield school systems, 3 different telephone exchanges and the Post Offices of Hiram, Garrettsville and Mantua.
Announcements Wildlife Count

Hiram Township's Community Evaluation and Accomplishments Committee (CEAC) offers an educational opportunity through wildlife counts on Saturday, October 31st and Sunday, November 8th. Events are from 10am to 2pm at the new park property. The address is 6352 State Route 82 in Hiram. Meet at the canopy tent in the parking lot; please feel free to bring notebooks, smart phones, cameras and any other instruments to help us start cataloging the various forms of wildlife that live or pass through our community. We will also discuss potential future events and projects! For questions contact Dan Brokos at (440) 321-5782 or Tim Kasper 330-569-7387.

Portage County Asset Mapping Website

Asset Mapping is the process of inventorying the resources of a community or region. The asset mapping project for Portage County is a joint venture between the Portage County Regional Planning Commission, Auditor, and Information Technology Department. Community Data can be accessed by clicking Here.

Used Oil Pickup

Used oil can now be taken to the Hiram Township Garage for recycling. Just take your container of used oil and place it inside the dam around the tank along the driveway of the garage. The Road Crew will dump the oil into the barrel. If you want your container, please mark it and the Road Crew will leave it inside the dam area after emptying it.

Dumping Activity

There are a few phone numbers that Hiram residents can call to report dumping activity.
If you would like to report dumping activity concerning Oil or Gas wells, dial The Ohio Department of Natural Resources at (330)-896-0616. This is a 24-Hour gas and oil hotline.
Any other dumping activity can be reported to The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency at (800)-282-9378.

Water Monitoring

Concerned Citizens Ohio/Hiram will be offering water monitoring the Fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Hiram Christian Church. The monitoring tests for four “indicators.” Using temperature and conductivity, our instrument calculates Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and salinity. We also test for chloride. These are “indicators” of water quality because they are not in themselves toxic or immediately harmful, but high levels might indicate the water contains minerals or chemicals that could be harmful. We establish baseline records to identify unusual chemical spikes if chemical migration underground, or industrial spills might have occurred . We are NOT able to do Tier III testing; we are NOT EPA certified; because you have brought in your water, we cannot establish a chain of custody. We do NOT test for bacteria (e coli for example). The purpose of our testing, is to establish a baseline level of the indicators, so that if chemical contamination, for example, from oil or gas drilling, or waste injection wells or industrial spills occurs, you will have warning that perhaps you should get an EPA certified lab Tier III test to find out precisely what chemicals are in your water before you continue to use it. The Sierra Club provided the training and the meters for this project, as part of their Water Sentinel Program. When a holiday falls on the fourth Monday of the month (for example, Memorial Day), our water monitoring will occur on the third Monday of the month. We will place notices in the Villager and the Record Courier and post notices the preceding month.